Expect more from SEO

How about SEO that increases sales exponentially? Or SEO that gives you the delicious satisfaction of seeing your site among the top rankers for your keywords on the search engines- month after month?

In the online world, effective search engine optimization can easily add precious zeroes to your bottom line. Your marketing efforts may include offline and online media like advertisements, brochures, flyers, billboards etc. but you may be ignoring a large part of your audience if your site has not been optimized well for the search engines.

What’s different about Netsmartz SEO?

If you consider the fact that SEO companies are a dime a dozen and come in all shapes and sizes, you may despair of ever finding the right one. How do you know the SEO outfit will deliver results? How do you know they won’t take shortcuts or worse – resort to spamming the engines on your behalf? The answer is you don’t. That is why it makes sense to sign up with a reputable full spectrum SEO provider like Netsmartz. We are extremely fussy about the quality of our SEO (our business depends on it). We may charge a bit more than your ordinary hole in the wall outfit but when it comes to delivering value and results, we are right up there with the best.

Why should Netsmartz be your No.1 choice for SEO?
Over 5 years of valuable SEO experience

Netsmartz has notched up 5 years of valuable SEO experience and handled at least 2000 SEO projects at last count. Our SEO operation is run by people with years of search engine optimization experience behind them.

What do our clients say?

Hi My name is Rouslan. I want to say a few things about Netsmartz. We are web based retailer and when we started our company two and a half years ago, we needed a very good and reliable website. So we approached Netsmartz with this request and..
Rouslan Semenov CEO & Founder, Giftspassion, LLC.
To grow our business successfully, we need to expand our internet business. To do that we needed to increase our positioning on major search engines around the words and phrases that are most relevant to our products and people making the..
Randy Cofield, CEO, www.teamcheer.com
BPO finance and IT system here for J.N. White designs and Parry New York. We were looking for to increase our number of business leads to give to our rapidly growing sales force. So we want more traffic so we wanted to give more hit to..
John Steff, CEO, J. N. White Designs
"Hello, this is George Kounis. I am the Managing Director of Single Click Solutions in London. We develop data management software based on SQL Server and Dot Net technologies. Innovation is the key to staying ahead in our industry and innovation..
George Kounis
"www.allcrossstitch.co.uk is a leading provider of cross stitch pattern kits. The company wanted to increase profitability with higher volumes of traffic and approached us for some strategic Search Engine Optimization work. The client wanted these..
Alan MacLachlan - www.allcrossstitch.co.uk (Project 1)
"This SEO project was an unusual one. Our client wanted his website to be optimized for only one keyword 'patio heaters'. Patio heaters are the main product featured on the website and this is what needed to be spelt out loud and clear. Over the..
Alan MacLachlan - www.simplypatioheaters.co.uk (Project 2)
"Great company. I'm already discussing my next project them with. Highly recommend!"
Susan Sweet - www.sueshealthcenter.com (Project 1)
"www.sueshealthcenter.com is an established slimming aids company whose website was launched a few years back. The company has enjoyed great online success and this has taken the company from strength to strength - increasing its turnover multiple..
Susan Sweet - www.sueshealthcenter.com (extension of Project 1)
"Mike, Nick, and the rest of the Netsmartz team are true experts in what they do. Look no further on Elance, Netsmartz delivers the project on time and according to specification. They even made the extra effort to change the anchor text in our..
Keith Tuomi
"Inkango.com is an e-com site that features all kinds of electronic gadgets like digital cameras, accessories, batteries etc. with a special emphasis on digital camcorders. Our client being in the highly competitive arena of online electronic sales,..
Martin J. W.
"This is a solid, structured professional company. I think they actually did a very good job on my project. I am saying "I think" because I realize now that it is very difficult to see obvious results for SEO. But I got some independent person to..
Jeff Morgan
"Netsmartz carried a good job and shifted our web traffic in a very noticeable way. Thanks for your good work."
Yasin Celik
"Netsmartz did a very good job for us. They deliver what they promise and they are always on time. They did a great job of correcting all problems to our complete satisfaction. Very professional."
Danny Wheeler
"Netsmartz got my site on the first page of the Ses for my highly competitive keywords. I came to them with high expectations, and they delivered as promised. Great communication. Terrific work. I look forward to working with them again."
Christopher Robinson
"Netsmartz was very professional every step of the way. Kevin & Co would patiently answer all my questions and try to accommodate all my requests. They share their knowledge and willingly co-operate to find a right solution. They don't shy away from..
Alex Leonov
"Excellent Service! Couldn't ask for more!"
Charles D Ashmore III
"Excellent company. We had some problems on the project due to my contact at the company being hospitalized due to sickness. However, someone else at the company took over his position, apologized for the delay, and offered a discount on our next..
Brian Rants
"www.vegasexperts.com is a very well established online games betting portal with keywords like 'guaranteed picks', 'football picks', 'College football picks', 'free football picks', and 'NFL football picks' being their most preferred keywords...
Tom Grassi - www.vegasexperts.com (extension of Project 1)
"Netsmartz is a very professional company and completed the project on time and within budget. I would certainly use them again."
Tom Grassi
"Netsmartz has done a terrific job. They have an in-depth understanding of the SEO marketplace and, together, we have been able to significantly improve our ranking results." Thank you Netsmartz!
Blair Brewster
"My search for a top line SEO service vendor has definitely ended with Netsmartz! Not only are these guys good at what they do but they are also very reliable and trustworthy and offer 'value for money' deals. Instead of silently working towards..
Ravi Prasher President, Tortel Communications
"I have a customized gifts website www.giftspassion.com that has been online for some time. The traffic to the website was average and I urgently needed to optimize my website for the search engines. That's when I came across Netsmartz. They..
Rouslan Semenov, CEO & Founder, Giftspassion, LLC.
Hi, This is David from highridgegraphics. I just want to mention that I was very happy with Netsmartz. They did a nice job, very thorough, spelling out what they were going to do, got the reports every month. Ben was very good in getting back..
David Smith - www.highridgegraphics.com
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*All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos are the property of their respective owners and are shown here for representational purposes only.