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Case Studies

Pay Per Click Marketing

Leading Ecommerce Website for Furniture Products

Summary campaign Stats for December,2012

Month Clicks Impressions Avg. CPC Spend Conversions Cost Per Conversion Track able Ecommerce Revenue
Dec,12 19062 2702898 $0.56 $10,728.33 416 $25.78  

Netsmartz has been managing Google AdWords campaigns for the client’s two retail websites since June, 2011. The number of conversions from Google AdWords in the mentioned time period has increased from 255 to 416. The cost per conversion has reduced from $56.49 to $25.78.


The Netsmartz PPC team set up and managed PPC campaigns for SeaTow from Jan, 2011 to Jan, 2012. PPC campaigns were set up and managed for Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter and Facebook.

PPC campaigns were set up from scratch. Apart from setting up the PPC campaign structure, the Netsmartz team also set up a specific landing page for receiving traffic from the PPC campaigns. Conversion tracking, Google Analytics tracking including Goals and Filters was set up.

The Netsmartz team ensured that the client received positive ROI from the PPC campaign.

White Label Clients

The Netsmartz PPC team offers White Label PPC management services for quite a few SEM agencies. The Netsmartz PPC team performs all the set up and management activities for the PPC clients for the SEM agency. All updates and reports are provided to the SEM agency in the approved format. There is no direct contact made by Netsmartz PPC team with the client of SEM agency except after explicit approval by the agency utilizing the White Label Services.

A typical client utilizes White Label services for 10-15 PPC accounts, even though white label services can be utilized for just one account also.


Acropolis Technology Group is an IT organization based out of St. Louis offering the following different solutions to their diverse clientele: In order of importance:

  • Network Managed Service (HeliosVision)
  • Infrastructure / Server Hosting / VMWare
  • Microsoft Small Business Server Projects
  • Microsoft Server 2008 Projects
  • Microsoft Exchange Projects
  • Microsoft Terminal Server Projects

The client was running PPC campaigns for quite some time prior to Netsmartz taking over the campaign management. The problems with the campaign were that Conversion Tracking was not enabled; the campaign was set on a budget optimizer mode resulting in a very High cost per lead. Google analytics set was done at a very rudimentary level.

Netsmartz modified the structure of the campaign and shifted the campaign from Monthly budget mode to daily spend limit mode with active management, set up conversion tracking, and introduced many new keywords into the campaign after extensive Keyword research.
Google Analytics set up was modified- proper Goals were set and advanced filters were introduced. In the first month of Netsmartz taking over this campaign, traffic was increased by more than 112% while the Avg. cost per click was reduced by approximately 90%.


Nathan’s Natural was established in 1999 as a global herbal pharmaceutical manufacturer based out of New York, with focus on creating revolutionary herbal products to help treat various conditions. They manufacture our own proprietary formulas and all of their customer service is 100% in-house.

The website Crevex.com is set up to promote the company’s Natural Swiss Fat Burner formulated by unique and powerful ingredients to reduce Body fat without any side effect.
Crevax.com Ad Words Conversions almost doubled in a month of management by Netsmartz.

Netsmartz is managing the paid marketing efforts for www.crevax.com. When netsmartz took over the project, it became clear that the Ad Words campaign was not doing as well as the YSM and MSN campaigns. The reason could be attributed to the structure of the campaign. There was only one campaign targeting both Search as well as Content and having Keywords for different match types with in the same Ad group. In addition Keywords belonging to different themes were grouped together in the same ad group, thus making the usage of focused Ad Copies impossible.

Netsmartz took on the restructuring of the campaign by separating search and Content match as well as setting up different campaigns for different match types. Keyword research was undertaken to discover new Keywords and all the keywords were set up in highly focused Ad groups having highly focused ad copies.

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*All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos are the property of their respective owners and are shown here for representational purposes only.