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Pay Per Click Marketing

Netsmartz Professional PPC Program Management provides Set up and Management services for Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook PPC, LinkedIn PPC and Tier 2 search engines.

Netsmartz is a global marketing power that aims to use its muscle, smarts, and reputation to take your business to the top. It’s what a dedicated staff of 150 professionals, 10 years of experience, and millions of dollars in managed projects offers you:

  • Expert level traffic targeting
  • Maximum exposure at reduced cost
  • Continuous analysis and on-the-fly program modification
  • Top conversion rates and top ROI

professional program management

PPC is not for amateurs. When you enter the game, you’re up against hundreds of competitors with years of experience. They know the right keywords, the right bid levels, and the right management strategies. They got there the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Don’t Know What Pay Per Click Advertisement and Pay Per Click Management is?

Pay per click or cost per click is an Internet advertising model which is used to direct traffic to websites and the payment is made by the advertiser or owner when the ad is clicked. Pay per click campaign enables you to market your business to the people who are searching for similar services or products. By targeting specified surfers, there will be fair chances of your browsers converting into potential buyers. Pay Per Click Management is an essential aspect of the entire advertising process. It is an effective campaign which maximizes returns and is beneficial for companies small or big. While managing pay per click campaigns, ads that work better are identified especially when you are running a number of campaigns simultaneously.

Half Of Your Marketing is Working? Great, But Do You Know Which Half Is Not Working?

With Pay Per Click advertising, you can win half the battle when your business starts paying through the ads but when you rely on old-media advertising, you are supposed to pay a certain amount of money whether your ad was seen by people on not. Is it reasonable to pay for something when your purpose is not even met? Doesn’t it seem like it is a waste of time and money? Pay Per Click advertisement is the most suitable solution where you will not only be able to have the best ads but also know how many people saw your ads and as the name suggests, you do not have to pay unnecessarily. The money you pay is directly proportional to the number of clicks.

Pay As You Go

Pay Per Click Marketing is a convenient and value for money advertising option through which you can attract a specific number of leads for a particular amount of money. In addition to this, you will also know when to stop and you won’t be blindly spending on your online advertising campaign. Pay per click is an easy to use and simple to understand campaign that gets new customers just at the click of a mouse. Wonderful! Isn’t it?

Interested In Exploring The World Of Pay Per Click Advertisement? Need A Partner To Run Your PPC Campaign?

Netsmartz bridges the gap between your business/products/services and people. The journey of converting browsers in to buyers is efficiently managed by us. At Netsmartz, our aim is to provide you the best and the most sustainable advertising solutions and tell you how best you can invest your finances in this rapidly growing, highly competitive and extremely effective market easily, that too with a low initial investment.

What Can A Pay Per Click Campaign Do For You?

  • Increase your sales
  • Get your return of investment in no time
  • Acts faster than Search Engine Optimization
  • Produces results deliberately after an effective SEO campaign is done
  • Target potential clients and well competent viewers
  • Get more traffic to your website instantly
  • Ability to fix your budget
  • Achieve best results immediately
  • Total control over ads
  • Target local customers, reach online clients and pre-qualified customers

Other Benefits Of Pay Per Click

  • Small initial investment
  • Realistic for all businesses regardless of their size
  • Real-time tracking
  • Targeted traffic
  • Branding

Why Only Netsmartz For Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign?

Why not Netsmartz? We ask you. There is no reason why you should not depend on our company for pay per click marketing but there are a plethora of reasons that will make you choose only us when it comes to online marketing. Some of the benefits of hiring our company for your PPC campaign are listed below. Have a read.

  • Dedicated Managers for each project who plan an effective campaign strategy and ensure its proper implementation
  • Optimization on a regular basis and campaign expansion for continued growth
  • Thorough industry, keyword, ad copy and competitor research
  • The most advanced bidding strategies customized by search engine
  • Complete professionalism in Ad Copy testing and optimization
  • Implementation and testing of content pages for higher conversions
  • Expert representatives for troubleshooting processes
  • The most efficient strategies and latest tools for pay per click campaigns
  • Impressive landing page designs
  • Benchmarking
  • ROI driven campaign management
  • Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Campaign Progress Reports

Unlike other companies, we proceed with your campaign the right way with the help of our expert professionals, unparalleled PPC management software tools, the most effective strategies. Apart from this, we carefully inspect the success rate of each of your ads and make adjustments so that they work better for your business. We suggest the best techniques so that you can profit immensely from your pay per click campaign.

*All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos are the property of their respective owners and are shown here for representational purposes only.