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Link Building

Effective link building brings you higher search engine rankings

Link building is the cornerstone of your online success and a successful linking strategy can bring you higher search engine rankings.

We believe in creating a successful linking strategy that can bring you targeted traffic and qualified prospects. A successful linking strategy also enhances your professional reputation, raises your Page Rank and propels you to higher search engine rankings. Link building is economical, it can give you an online competitive edge over your competitors without having to spend serious marketing money!

A link exchange program is crucial to improving Link Popularity

Building Link Popularity is a time consuming process that cannot be hurried. However all our link exchange projects follow a certain pattern. We will outline the link building process here for you:

Pre-link building detailed project analysis

Before link building can begin, we do a full, detailed analysis of your website. First a preliminary link building questionnaire is sent out to you. Then we proceed to check the existing link popularity of your website, its internal linking, the quality of its inbound links, the value of the site content, its Page Rank, link saturation, and do a complete keyword analysis. We determine the current standing of your website and its target audience.

How does project analysis help in link building?

Project analysis helps your link building effort in 2 ways. Firstly, it gives us an overall view of your website for the creation of a link exchange strategy and secondly, it helps as a point of reference to compare between the pre-link building and post link building stages. Based on our findings, we give you a list of recommendations for successful link building.

Researching potential link partners is essential to building good reciprocal links

Building reciprocal links is useful only when the sites you link to are important players in your industry or extremely relevant to your business. We research reciprocal linking partners carefully and only when we are sure they can contribute decent traffic to your site, do we go ahead and approach them. We study your competitor’s sites and see who their reciprocal linking partners are. We also nose around and locate the important sites in your area of business and the possibility of putting a reciprocal link exchange program in place. We locate portals, directories, news sites, e-zines, blogs and information sources specific to your industry that could represent great linking opportunities. In other words, we formulate a roadmap for your link building activities.

Categorizing links for a link exchange program with the Resources Page

The process of putting a link exchange program in place cannot start without a Resources or Link to Us page. That is why we plan out this page complete with various categories that your linking partners will be slotted into. This keeps your Resources page orderly and also provides a clear navigation structure. Our defined categories are then presented for your approval. After your approval, we finalize the list of potential link building partners.

Implementing the linking strategy

The final process in the linking strategy begins after identifying potential link partners. We place the links on our Resources page and e-mail the respective webmasters to inform them of the same. We outline our linking strategy and areas of mutual advantage and suggest swapping links. If our request is agreed to, we let the link remain, if not, we remove the link in question from our Resources page. At this point, we also require your FTP Username and Password to edit the links on the Resource pages. If that is not possible, we suggest incorporating a password protected back-end interface in the Resource directory that will make convenient for us to upload and change links.

Sending external linking text

While asking for a link, we will send code specifications to the concerned webmaster and specify the exact linking text so that the link shows up the way we want it to. We randomize the link text for different links so it does not sound repetitive. We write keyword rich, engaging titles and descriptions so that your external link sounds persuasive and well written and becomes prime search engine fodder. Of course, there is always a chance that webmasters may not accept the exact external linking text written by us. But even if they make changes in this, they will be guided by the text outline we have submitted to them and at least some of your keywords should show up.

Recommendations we may make in the course of link building

  • We may suggest rewriting your internal or external linking text. Keyword rich links and anchor text make your link building strategy more effective.
  • We may want you to add pages with engaging information to increase the link-worthiness of your site or maybe to rewrite content on your entire site.
  • We could suggest some much needed search engine optimization, if your website has not been optimized before. Our search engine optimization specialists can take care of that for you.
  • In case you do not have a Resources page to house links of external linking partners, we may suggest creating one.

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*All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos are the property of their respective owners and are shown here for representational purposes only.