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David Smith -

Hi, This is David from highridgegraphics. I just want to mention that I was very happy with Netsmartz. They did a nice job, very thorough, spelling out what they were going to do, got the reports every month. Ben was very good in getting back to me when i had any questions and just a very good experience and just want to say that you can’t go wrong using them.

Thank you!

John Steff, CEO, J. N. White Designs

BPO finance and IT system here for J.N. White designs and Parry New York. We were looking for to increase our number of business leads to give to our rapidly growing sales force. So we want more traffic so we wanted to give more hit to website so we contacted a mutual colleague of ours in the area and to find out who they used and they used Netsmartz, so we brought Netsmartz in about a year ago now for lead generation. Its taken about year but now we’re starting to see some results. Number of leads are picking up, for our items that are 3-D dome labels, membrane switches and our print labels, so we are starting to see those results. Netsmartz is been easy to work with according to getting us up and going. We’ve raised quite a ways up on the websites, primarily Google and Yahoo and Ask. So we are appreciative of the results they provided us so far. We would probably use Netsmartz for other opportunities for a website design as we move forward.

Thank you!

Randy Cofield, CEO,

To grow our business successfully, we need to expand our internet business. To do that we needed to increase our positioning on major search engines around the words and phrases that are most relevant to our products and people making the decisions to buy our products which are women’s team apparels and footwear. Through recommendations of some of our colleagues and other members of professional business owner groups. I was…I got the contact for Terry Bothman and Netsmartz and he helped us identify the needs of our business is to which words need to be searched so that we’ll be in position for our decision makers and how to go about that. They put together a whole program to slowly increase our positioning in all the major search engines that are relevant to us. We did a little bit pay per click to supplement as our SEO program came into its own. But we didn’t have to do pay per click for very long. SEO got us to the highest rankings. Now for our one of the websites we are consistently number one and ten or twelve different key searches for our customers. And it took may be a year and half to stay at it and have to continuously maintain it. But to do that Netsmartz has been able to watch it for us, help us tweak our website so the search ability of our website is right up to the current Google or yahoo standards or needs to stay high in the results search. But Netsmartz has done a very good job and helped us solve the problem of growing our business through Search Engine Optimization and to stop paying for Pay per click and other Banner adds and other traffic. Supposedly traffic generating actions that were’nt working for us. But SEO has definitely worked. It’s grown our business exponentially on the internet. We feel a lot of it and we know because and we know because we can originate. We know where through click through originates from. Many of them come from our organic searches that are very very high now in all the relevant search criteria for our business. So I would highly recommend Netsmartz. They are very professional. They know what they are doing. They are very willing to educate you so that you understand the business problem and challenge and what they can bring to the table and they stay at it they consistently pound a way. Once you get there it’s like almost they want to be the part of the team and keep it there and I like that enthusiasm.

Rouslan Semenov CEO & Founder, Giftspassion, LLC.

My name is Rouslan.
I want to say a few things about Netsmartz. We are web based retailer and when we started our company two and a half years ago, we needed a very good and reliable website. So we approached Netsmartz with this request and that’s basically how our relationship started. Frankly speaking, our project had several challenges and at first, we kind of felt nervous about outsourcing this very important aspect to Netsmartz but today all I can say is that we are really happy that we found Netsmartz and that we have them to do that for us. The website came out to be really great, very functional and user friendly. So we liked it and in fact, we feel so comfortable and confident about Netsmartz right now that we just ask them to do the website maintenance on regular basis and again this process is also going very well. In fact last month we started a process of developing a new flash application for the website and we feel that this will make our website even more user friendly and more social oriented and again we are outsourcing this task to Netsmartz and feel very excited about it. Also I should say that apart from building websites, Netsmartz has also promoted our website to different search engines and has done search engine marketing and search engine optimization. We have seen great results in this aspect as well. So I would like to say few things that make Netsmartz really different from other companies, and few things that we really valued in Netsmartz. First of all, Netsmartz seems to be always up to date in latest trends and technology and what it means is that they always go far and beyond then just writing a simple code. They always do extensive research, extensive analysis before they even start the project. If they think that extra time is needed to do some extra research about the issue they will always do that. They won’t ever hesitate about doing that. In the end the quality is just great so they are not just manpower they are also brain power. Another great thing about Netsmartz is that it is very easy to communicate with them. It’s never a problem to call them or email them in fact working with them for more than two and a half years; we found no communication barriers what so ever. We always know that if we need to reach them for some urgent method we can call them or write email and they always respond ASAP. They keep the workflow very well organized and I think this is a very big credit to their managers, project managers, and upper level managers. In the end I would like to say that I definitely recommend Netsmartz to every body if you have a special request or have some concerns. Definitely share them with Netsmartz, definitely let them know what your need is and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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Thank You. Bye

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