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Tom Grassi - www.vegasexperts.com (extension of Project 1)

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Brian Rants

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Charles D Ashmore III

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Martin J. W.

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Keith Tuomi

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Susan Sweet - www.sueshealthcenter.com (extension of Project 1)

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Susan Sweet - www.sueshealthcenter.com (Project 1)

“This SEO project was an unusual one. Our client wanted his website to be optimized for only one keyword ‘patio heaters’. Patio heaters are the main product featured on the website and this is what needed to be spelt out loud and clear. Over the course of slightly over a year we achieved our goal. Today the client is No. 5 on Google for his preferred keyword.”

Alan MacLachlan - www.simplypatioheaters.co.uk (Project 2)

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Alan MacLachlan - www.allcrossstitch.co.uk (Project 1)

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George Kounis
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