Partner with Netsmartz- Grow your Business and Revenue.

  • Set Your Retail Prices

    You are assured of a minimum 20% commission on all sales generated by visitors from your website.

  • Comprehensive Free Reports

    Detailed and comprehensive reports are generated for clients and prospects, to help in acquisition of new Business and add maximum value to existing projects.

  • End to End Solution

    The highly experienced Netsmartz SEM team can help in Strategy for online business, Web Design and Development, SEO, PPC, SMO

  • Expertise in Promotion Across Multiple Platforms

    Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • White Labeled Reseller Program

    We become your team SEM experts under your brand.

  • SEM Labs(Dedicated Talent)

    We act as your dedicated team helping companies with large SEM needs.


Why Partner with Netsmartz?

Our reseller program is all about making you successful.

Simply follow the steps we outline and your SEM program will succeed.

At the foundation of our reseller program is, our best in breed and powerful reseller back office and fulfillment tracking but that is not enough to make you successful.

We go the extra mile. We empower you with tool to market your new SEM offerings efficiently to your client base and prospects to generate the buzz and recurring revenue you're looking for from your program. Let our process help you close more business faster without the need to be a SEM SEO guru. Our report becomes your third party expert. Netsmartz becomes your best in breed fulfillment center and marketing center.

  • Set Your
    Retail Pricing

    We provide wholesale pricing so you can set the price your clients pay for your services. Your markup is your business 1X or 5X residual income is your choice.

  • SEO

    You receive back office tools that give you and your clients access to Free Website Analysis reporting, monitor their rankings, collect reports and more.

  • White Label
    SEO Tools

    Your customers are our fulfillment responsibility. We do not stop there, Our marketing programs help accelerate your programs success. So, hold on tight and let us help you succeed.

  • Free Website
    Analysis Report

    Our Free reports engage your prospects, define their website needs and support your sales solution. The reports turn a highly technical sale into a walk in the park.

  • This SEO project was an unusual one. Our client wanted his website to be optimized for only one keyword 'patio heaters'. Patio heaters are the main product featured on the website and this is what needed to be spelt out loud and clear. Over the course of slightly over a year we achieved our goal. Today the client is No. 5 on Google for his preferred keyword.
    "Alan MacLachlan"
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  • Excellent company. We had some problems on the project due to my contact at the company being hospitalized due to sickness. However, someone else at the company took over his position, apologized for the delay, and offered a discount on our next project. I plan on working with them again.
    "Brian Rants"