Aiming for the top of Mt. Google?

Need to break through the clutter for a competitive keyword? Got to get those high ranking sites to link back to you? We have helped over 1000 clients achieve stellar rankings on the search engines. Now it’s your turn.


Introducing SEM Labs

SEM Labs is our unique business model that will save you Time, Effort, and Money
Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Lab with Netsmartz makes sense
Are you an SEM consultant or a company with SEO requirements? Would you like to have high quality SEM work done at a fourth of your usual cost? Then an SEM Lab with Netsmartz could be the answer. Our SEM Lab model is typically meant for clients with high volume of SEO work. These could be entrepreneurs with huge sites or multiple sites or it could be SEM consultants with a large number of projects on hand. At Netsmartz, our team of 300 highly competent search engine optimization specialists can easily handle your ongoing SEO needs.
How does the SEM Lab work?
SEM Lab works as an extension of your office. We provide a dedicated SEM team and work closely with you on projects with frequent reporting built into the process.

Monitor staff through video feed 

Your SEO Lab is a virtual, viewable office. Our SEM team works in modern, wired offices with CCTV cameras. This means you can watch the SEM Lab staff online from a secure website as they work on your project. And if you have a query, we are just a phone call away. All our phone numbers are US phone numbers that terminate in our offshore facility. We have a VOIP based direct local line with voicemail - for telephone / conference calling purposes which makes for easy communication. 

Comprehensive Reporting on projects
While your projects are underway you will keep getting comprehensive progress reports from us. The Project Manager will also communicate with you regularly so you are always informed at all stages of your project. 

High quality SEO and an enviable search engine marketing track record 
We have successfully completed more than 250 outsourced SEO projects as part of our search engine marketing track record. SEO projects we have undertaken included search engine optimization, link building website promotion and other key SEO areas. Recently at least 10,000 of keywords we promoted were in the top 10 at Yahoo, Google and MSN.

Netsmartz believes in complete transparency
When you set up an SEM Lab with us, we tell you exactly what you can expect and what you will pay. There are no hidden costs or added billing.

Save over 75% on SEO production costs 
SEO services at Netsmartz cost a lot less than most people expect. We can assure you that you will enjoy cost savings when you outsource SEO to us, compared to doing it in-house. Typically the cost is one fourth.

Professionally managed SEO process

Experienced search engine optimization specialists with years of experience lead our SEM Lab teams. Your SEO work proceeds in a streamlined, well documented manner culminating in great SEO results. Throughout the process, we remain in close contact with you and send you timely, comprehensive, data-intensive reports on a regular basis. Netsmartz is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and we are also a Microsoft Gold Partner. Currently we are also undergoing training for the SEI-CMMI Level 3 certification. 

Expect fast turn-around 
Netsmartz is known for fast turn-around. We deliver to budget and to agreed-on timelines, which makes us extremely easy to work with

Hesitant about getting started?
If you are an SEO consultant, you may be hesitant about contracting SEO work to us. In order to ensure complete channel integrity, we sign a comprehensive Non-Compete and Non Disclosure Agreement with you that covers all projects that we jointly work upon. For your clients, we are an extension of you.

You are completely protected
We are a NY registered and through our contract with you, your intellectual property and confidentiality is completely protected.
Comprehensive Reports at every stage of the project
The Netsmartz SEM Lab process has comprehensive reporting built into the system, whether it is project analysis reports, status reports, keyword ranking and link building reports or resource timesheets. Our timely reports keep you aware of every development and detail in your projects.

We provide:
- SEM Team's Time Sheet with hourly break-up for projects Detailed task and team-wise timesheet of project.
- Detailed hourly break-up of time spent on projects
- Overall time taken as well as a task and team-wise break-up
- At a glance you can see the actual time taken on tasks, so billing and costs remain completely transparent.
Detailed Reports
As an SEO Lab owner you will be provided detailed reports on the status of your projects. These include:
  • Baseline Ranking and Website Position Report
    This is basically an analysis of your site's existing rankings

  • Monthly Ranking and Website Position Report 
    A website ranking report that is provided every 30 days

  • Project Status Reports 
    These will be timely status reports via phone or email according to a pre-defined frequency

  • Site Traffic and Referral Reporting 
    Reports containing details of your site's traffic (Additional) 

  • Competition Monitoring 
    Reports based on tracking of competitors' traffic as per choice (Additional)
What does a typical SEM Lab team look like?
Here we outline the key members that would comprise your SEO Lab team:
Sales Consultant
The Sales Consultant creates the initial proposal and consultation. He outlines the ultimate SEM goals for your project.

Lead Technician
Our lead technician is an expert SEO professional with a minimum of 5 years experience who would guide the rest of the team in implementing and taking the SEO strategy to a successful conclusion

Project Manager
Our Project Manager is an experienced SEO professional - with at least five years of experience - who manages the
team and ensures work is produced according to timelines. He will be you main point of contact.

SEO Technicians
A trained staff of 4-5 members with 2-3 years of SEO experience. The staff can be scaled up or down according to project requirements.

Your Role
You will always be updated at every stage in the SEO process and your approvals will be required for all key decisions. As part of the SEO team and project owner, you can be virtually present 24X7 through video conferencing, tele-conferencing, e-mail and fax
SEM Labs: The value proposition - 4 employees for the price of 1!
Having an SEM Lab as part of your SEM operations adds huge value and incremental benefits to your business.
You have more time to invest in your business 
The routine tasks of SEO are being handled out of your SEM Lab which frees up your valuable time to be invested in strategic thinking and future ventures. Your key professionals can now address tasks more worthy of their time. 

4 full time employees for the price of one
Netsmartz has a well trained, large SEO team that can be depended upon to produce work of high quality at an extremely low cost. Imagine for the cost of one full time employee in the U.S., You would be getting four full time employees to work on your projects. Since your costs are lowered, profit margins are appreciably higher. 

Ramp up capacity when you like without any hassles 
You don't face the problems of hiring space and people to ramp up capacity. You have a dedicated team right here at Netsmartz which can be easily increased when need be-you just have to say the word! 

You have full control 
You will always be in the picture when your projects are underway with us. You can watch the team working via video feed, access regular status and progress reports and have a Project Manager always on tap. 

Payments and cost structure are transparent 
All projects have timesheets showing hourly break-ups of tasks and team member's time so you know exactly what you are paying for.
Benefits of an SEO Lab

Cost-effective, high quality SEO

Entire team dedicated to your SEO project

Team can be traded through video feed

Direct Timesheets will be provided

One point contact for coordinating SEO requirements with the team

No hassles of renting space of hiring people

Functions as your offshore SEO office in all respects
Commonly asked questions about the SEM Lab model
How do I know Netsmartz can deliver what they promise? 
Netsmartz is a well-run SEO veteran and has handled over 250 SEM projects to date with outstanding results. Along with numerous certifications and memberships, we have many case studies and satisfied clients who endorse our claims. 

What kind of work would you do for us? 
We can handle all kinds of SEO work for you including Keyword Research and Optimization, Link Campaigns, Article Writing, Search Engine and Directory Submissions and Article Submissions. Outsourcing this work to us leaves you and your key people free to concentrate on the broad marketing strategy. 

What if I need more people to work on my project at specific times (Seasonal)? 
We have done this in many cases. We can easily ramp up the SEM Lab strength to include more people according to your requirements. Whether you need more content people or link building executives, we are very flexible to work with. 

How are payments computed?
At Netsmartz we have 2 basic models for payment. When a project is contracted either you can pay upfront and take advantage of some great discounts or you can pay a monthly fee based on the hours expended on your project.
  How much of my time will be involved getting SEO done through the SEM Lab Model? 
Initially the commitment is greater as the project goals and details need to be defined. After the initial set-up, monthly activities will be defined and you will receive bi-weekly progress reports. Once the project is underway, you would need to go through the reports and updates we send and give us your feedback. Once we establish a working relationship you will realize that delegation to this group is easy. 

How do we get in touch, what is the communication protocol? 
The Netsmartz office has state-of-the-art infrastructure with dedicated communication links with satellite, Internet and voice conferencing, and phone facilities. We have email, Fax, FTP terminal service access specific to each client. We have a VOIP based direct local line with voicemail - for telephone / conference calling purposes which makes for easy communication. We have Internet connectivity through a dedicated 4 MBps line and cable connectivity, to provide redundancy. Your Project Manager will be in touch with you on a regular basis during the duration of the project.
Need to know more about our SEM Lab concept?
Please call 800-501-6123 or fill in our Schedule a Free Consultation form, now
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  Netsmartz has done a terrific job!  
  They have an in-depth understanding of the SEO marketplace and, together, we have been able to significantly improve our ranking results.”  
  Blair Brewster, CEO,
  My online sales have gone up 700%!  
  I am extremely delighted with the SEO work Netsmartz did for me! My online sales have gone up 700%, largely I think due to the innovative, high quality SEO strategy adopted by Netsmartz.  
  Randy Cofield CEO,